Friday, October 17, 2014

NO WAR!!! (XLII vs Bob Marley) #戦争反対曲







長く書く事も出来るけど、結局NO WAR以外特に言う事がないから、Bob Marley神様の声を借りて、NO WARっていう明るくて、楽しいフットワークの曲を作りました。


I have never imagined that the place where I was born and where my family still lives would one day be engulfed by war. I've have a lot of bad dreams, but even then I've never dreamt of this scenario. I still have trouble believing it's real and not a figment on my imagination.

I've been meaning to write a blog or something of that sort about it, but I realised there isn't actually much to say. People are killing people. Not much meaning to it either. A few people I know were killed. For nothing.

Opinions aside about rights and wrongs and causes and solutions, if the war ends, everybody will be happy.
War in itself is a crisis of us, humans, as species, so I'm not mentioning any countries / territories by name. Just because it isn't happening where we live doesn't mean we're immune to it.

NO WAR is all I have to say.
XLII vs Bob Marley - NO WAR!!!

Footwork for peace. Surely dancing is easier than killing.

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